We’ve all been there. The deadline for your essay, term paper or assignment is suddenly here and you’re not ready. Or you’re lost and don’t know where to begin. Do you work all night and try and pull something out of the air? A little voice in your head shouts loudly: Help me write my essay! Luckily there are a number of ways to get help with your essay, academic paper or assignment. There is still time to save your term paper. From learning how to structure your paper to example essays and custom written essays you’ll soon discover you’re not alone.

Help Me Write My Essay

In a nutshell there are three solutions to getting help with your essay. The choice you make depends on how much time you have available and how much you want to achieve a good grade. Let’s look at the options:

  • self study
  • ready-made example essays
  • custom written one of a kind essays written for you

Self Study

If you have enough time before you assignment is due, then investing in an online course that will guide you through the steps needed to write a good, quality essay will pay huge dividends when writing academic papers in the future. Many people struggle when writing long pieces of work. It’s a common problem. You may have mild dyslexia, English might not be your first language or however hard you try you just don’t “get it”.

Have you tried discussing it with your teacher, tutor or course professor? If they haven’t been able to help you then an online course at Udemy might just be the solution you need. A good course can improve your understanding of what makes up a good essay and give you the skills you need. Their course are efficient and very effective, nothing like what you get a school. They offer real world methods to solve problems. They also let you pause, playback and listen again and again. You’ll also find a grown collection of resources in our blog.

Ready Made Example Essays

A clever stepping stone to writing a good essay is to use an example as a basis for preparing your own work. EssayArchive and MonsterEssays are two very cost effective sites that can instantly help you. With over 40,000 essays ready and waiting for you to read, they are a very helpful resource.

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Custom Written Essays Just For You

For a custom essay written just for you, Essay Shark offer the best and most helpful service. What makes their service stand out is how easy it is to get a free quote: you pay nothing until you have chosen your writer. The writer can update you on their progress (if you wish) or you can just set and forget. Because Essay Shark  use a pool of writers that you have direct and confidential access to they can ever turnaround an essay request in a number of hours or overnight if needed. They also offer invaluable editing, re-writing or proofreading services. Enabling your essay to be polished up to professional standard English. Worth a shot? We think so.

If your budget is tight and you don’t mind browsing around, take a look at and search for “write an essay”. You’ll be amazed how many gigs are available from as little as $5. Top tip: look for writers from English speaking countries (United States, United Kingdom, Canada etc) or those with native level English. Make sure you check their gig description doesn’t contain any errors, as that would be a warning sign that their quality is not up to the job. But, with a little luck you should be able to find something useful on

Ethics and Ownership

Of course there is more to writing an essay than ordering one and then turning it in. It’s not a set and forget exercise, or it shouldn’t be. Each and every essay, academic assignment or term paper that you hand in must reflect the best of your knowledge. You need to be able to understand the content and be able to confidently read it or explain the arguments it presents. Your essay should also reflect your own voice and style (within an academic setting). If your teacher, professor or grade marker asks you about a particular section of your paper you must be familiar with it and be ready to explain.

An Example: Many years ago I started on a course in Geology. For one of my first major assignments I had to write about sedimentary rocks. After researching in the library and taking notes, I remember I lifted one sentence word for word from a book. It ran something like: “Early explorers postulated that this sediment was formed under shallow water”. The course tutor marked my assignment but before he returned it to me, he looked me in the eye and demanded to know what postulates meant. It is not a word he would have expected from me, a word he had not used in his course teachings. It was a test. Had I not fully understood what my paper had said I would have failed that test and my paper would have been thrown out. Luckily my library research had paid off. I knew to postulate is to suggest, assume or maybe theorize. I also learnt a valuable lesson: avoid the exotic words and choose the words that reflect your knowledge and your natural way of thinking.

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